Friday, November 18, 2005

Aaltje Adrie Aleene Aleta Alida Anke Anki Annemie Anye Arabella Betje Brandy Britt Dael Dieuw Dyveke Edda Enika Famke Francisca Fokke Froni Geertruide Gnishilda Griet Griseldis Grishilde Gust Gusta Gustaafa Hanneke Haven Hendrika Hendrikje Jette Kaate Karianne Katrien Keren Lene Lidwina Liesbeth Lieselotte Lijsa Lore Mahault Marieke Marien Marta Marysa Maryse Miep Mina Neel Nelleke Nienke Rozamond Saskia Schyler Sibylla Skyla Skylar Sofie Sybylla Tryn Wigburg Wilhelmina Willeke Wilma Yonne


Monday, November 07, 2005

Sectional of lethal marshmallow, who has been swallowed by your ampleness? Who still moans from within your mammarian cushions? How could anyone have withstood the pungently sweet reek of decay that must waft from your puffy being? Take note of this couch: for now it grows in the back of a basement speed lab, but one day we will see tiny white flower-patterned ottomans rising from sidewalk cracks and baseboards, and one day entire cities will be stuffed with this very cancer of comfort.