Thursday, December 04, 2008


When Crates of Thebes wed the lovely Hipparchia, she threw her inheritance away.

Agree or disagree: Modern Art is a joke and has absolutely no value.

They made headlines in Athens when they walked together in the street.

Celebrity couples disgust you.

He is said to have been deformed, with a lame leg and hunched shoulders.

Love at first sight? Doesn’t exist.

He was nicknamed the Door-Opener for all the good will he inspired.

You think most charity organizations are cheating their benefactors.

Crates himself threw his fortune away to follow the Cynics’ ascetic credo.

You believe that apparently altruistic behavior is always a mask for self-interest.

Hipparchia is said to have fallen in love with Crates’ life and his teachings first.

And as far as you’re concerned, no one has one true soulmate.

There is something about the root of the word “cynic” that is worth looking up.

You are suspicious of anything proposed by a so-called expert.

Crates is supposed to have initiated his son into sex by taking him to a brothel.

If you need something done right, you know you need to do it yourself.

And he allowed his daughter a month’s trial marriage to potential suitors.

Working hard is for suckers.